Case study


Writing the narrative of an entrepreneurial venture.  

Symples, is the project of two young entrepreneurs, Florent Helle and Théo Jespas, we met in the early days of Stroïka. Based in Milly-la-Forêt, they came up with the idea for a collection of organic herbal teas and plant-based juices. From the brand narrative to the communication tools, including the visual identity, marketing and sales strategy, we supported Symples as it expanded to the national market, at the service of a singular mission: to bring plants back into our lives.

“Stroïka helped us define the core values of our brand, the axes of communication to be favoured and, above all, to understand the strategic impact of our communication choices. The team’s entrepreneurial experience brought us a lot.”
— Florian Helle

Find your creed.

Building a brand around an idea or a project often means going back to its roots. The initial promise of Symples drinks was to build on the two founders’ in-depth knowledge of the virtues of plants. And not just any plants, from the “simple”, essential medicinal plants to the medieval pharmacopoeia. With its prefix in sym- (which means “together” in Greek) the brand embraces a more collective connotation, open to its young community of amateur herbalists and sports enthusiasts in search of authentic and natural drinks.

To lay the foundations of the project, we put down on paper the manifesto and values of Symples: its creed, capable of differentiating the brand from its natural and artificial competitors. The presence of medicinal herbs in the recipe spontaneously summoned a medieval imagination, and invited us to anchor the brand in its historical and cultural heritage. Finally, we teamed up with the Charco graphic studio to imagine a visual identity, illustrated by Martin Diaz Colodrero.

Turning a story into a strategy.

Our goal with Symples to enrich the brand and its history with a coherent communication environment. First, with a website and an editorial tone to be declined on its networks, then with marketing tools and physical means to reach new followers. Step by step, we co-construct the communication strategy with the founding team, equipping them in a way that guarantees long-term autonomy.

Adjust reactively business and communication strategies with one another.

What was Stroïka’s [specific] contribution to this project?

Combining a strong positioning and entrepreneurial coaching to serve the vision of the two founders. 

Adjust reactively business and communication strategies with one another.


+120 active points of sale

+ 1,600 followers on Facebook

+ 250 people at the launch party



Charco. graphic studio and illustration

Lucile Crosetti. art direction

Elodie Delneuf. business design.


Every entrepreneurial project has a story to write.

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