The birth of Stroïka, anti-bullshit propaganda agency. [ENG]

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Stroïka is a propaganda agency. Its goal is to put an end to the bullshit that has long colonized corporate discourse. Innovation. Digital. Impact. For Diana Filippova, Antonin Léonard, Arthur De Grave and Edwin Mootoosamy, these buzzwords have long been irretrievably emptied of their substance. What we need is to bring whole mythologies into existence, craft messages that truly resonate and be able to orchestrate mass engagement. These are the missions for a new kind of agency.

Stroïka’s strategic positioning: “zero bullshit”.

At the core of Stroïka’s strategic positioning is the will to incorporate a “zero bullshit” approach in the way it dedicates itself to all its clients, from the general management of large companies, to innovation or communication departments and NGOs as well as startup founders.

“We want to equip entrepreneurs, leaders and activists with the means to generate mass-engagement by putting the myth back at the heart of their discourse,” explains Antonin. This work requires understanding—and, in some measure, anticipating—contemporary socio-economic shifts. But it also means paying particular attention to the passions and affects steering them in the first place. “No society can do without myths,” adds Diana, “and we have entered both an amazing and frightening period where myths are no longer solely born from the lips of writers and politicians, but also originate from companies and people like you and me”.

This conviction forms the backdrop to the articles, talks and essays of the agency’s founders, which in turn drive the editorial line of the media they design and run on behalf of their clients: KissMyFrogs (Microsoft France),, Amédée or Turfu Express (MAIF). “We expect a certain form of friction to be an integral part of our job, precisely because we’re not here to tell people only what they want to hear and reinforce the status quo,” adds Diana. “More than just fashioning the right message, our job is to help our clients deliver the myths and visions they carried within themselves without always being aware of it. To devise the discursive strategies that will enable them to mobilize and organize large audiences,” concludes Antonin. Today, Stroïka works with the founders of startups such as La Ruche qui dit Oui (short food supply chain), WeMind (services for freelancers), and Yoyo (collaborative recycling).

A few words about Stroïka’s founders.

In 2013, the founders met and became friends. They participated in the creation of the OuiShare think tank, and contributed in particular by making the OuiShare Fest an event of international renown. As the co-authors of Société Collaborative, published by Rue de l’Echiquier in 2015, they were among the first to warn of the ambivalent consequences of the rise of platform economy.

Antonin Léonard, initiator of OuiShare and the driving force behind the development of the network in France and around the world, has accompanied the transformation of leading companies and startups. Diana Filippova, a published writer who previously headed the startup ecosystem at Microsoft France, has developed a sharp and critical view of the innovation and technology landscape. Editor-in-chief of OuiShare magazine for two years, Arthur De Grave is the agency’s pen and propagandist. Edwin Mootoosamy, who has just completed a PhD on the ways capitalism incorporates the myths surrounding innovation, acts as a liaison between Stroïka and the world of research.

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