Think positive and keep your mouth shut. [FR]

11 minutes, not one more.

“Let’s be more positive”. I hear this refrain almost every day. We should be more positive. More constructive. More optimistic. More inspiring. But all it does is fill me with the urge to visit the nearest animal shelter and eviscerate a whole litter of kittens.

Against Facebook, propaganda. [FR]

12 minutes, not one more.

Something isn’t right. The techniques of classical rhetoric are falling out of fashion. In their place, new forms of algorithmic propaganda are imposing themselves at an alarming speed. Is it time to join the resistance?

Enough with all the forward-looking, study history! [FR]

5 minutes, not one more.

Ah, those forward-looking workshops, where we paint a brighter or more appalling picture of the future with an avalanche of sticky notes! All these generic conferences on the future of this or that, on the city of tomorrow, the future of work, or even children’s mobility! Until we can’t take it anymore. Isn’t this kind of projecting into the future taking us away from our present? And even more: does thinking about the future possess any predictive value? We have reasons to doubt it.

I like this company, me neither. [FR]

5 minutes, not one more.

This is a serious matter. Every day, the world is getting more and more suffocated by new heaps of corporate bullshit. Cleaning up corporate discourse is a public (mental) health issue.