Case study

Natixis Assurances.

Long-term engagement thanks to a coherent editorial organization.

Transformation is a long road for those who embark on it. It is a demanding journey. This is why Natixis Assurances has decided to embrace it as a long-term process by publishing an internal quality magazine for their employees, coupled with an engagement programme and a self-assessment of their strategy.


Bertrand Louchez

Breaking away from conventional in-house magazines.

To make a collective project like the one being carried out today by companies undergoing transformation at the same time intelligible and attractive, internal communication must ramp up its play. No more vapid emails, pseudo-inspiring talks and in-house publications sprinkled with corporate bullshit. Starting from this realization, Natixis Assurances’ communications department asked us to design a new way of communicating with their employees.

In just a few months, we extended the range of our intervention to include the design and creation of an original editorial structure with its graphic identity and the production of a quarterly printed magazine, as well as the creation of a strategy for internal engagement and events around the structure.

Storytelling and self-telling, vital skills for tomorrow’s work environment.

At the heart of the magazine, the life of the company and its employees is portrayed in all its forms. By involving employees in the writing and editorial choices of the magazine, we instil a participatory dynamic into the entire project, guaranteeing its success.

The originality of a paper format closer to a book than a magazine, its clear graphic identity signed by ABM studio and its editorial line which remains open to the world make this magazine a legitimate aesthetic and cultural object. Designed to be read by everyone, by employees but also their families, it is an invitation to conversation.

What is Stroïka’s original contribution to this project?

The design of a bold editorial identity and a content organization combining analytical articles, reports and showcasing the company’s talents.

Excellence in execution and the ability to coordinate journalists, graphic designers and writers in a project developed in a record time

Its know-how in crafting the modalities of team engagement to foster a real commitment for the project

Impact in 6 months.

+ The magazine reaches all the employees and partners

+ 30% of employees attended the launching conference

+ 5% of contributors committed to the project



ABM (Graphic studio)

Every transformation is an epic, its great story deserves to be told.

Let’s write it :