Case study

Maif Start Up Club.

Building a value-creating positioning.

As its name suggests, the MAIF START UP CLUB was originally conceived as a startup incubator. It opened its doors in October 2017 to accommodate a first generation of startups, then, repositioned at the end of 2018 as a place for open innovation, it became the gateway to the MAIF B2B ecosystem. Stroïka has been supporting the team since early 2019 to refine the value proposition and communicate this new positioning internally as well as to all its partner ecosystems.

“Benefiting from Stroïka’s expertise while reorienting our strategy towards major groups has enabled us to better identify partners and make relevant communication choices.”

— Bérenger Billerot (COO MAIF START UP CLUB)  

Designing a value proposition that fits the situation.  

MAIF is one of the major groups that have had the audacity to embark on a rapid digital transformation by leading numerous projects at once, with the goal of turning the company into an ecosystem. In parallel with multiple investments in startups and in-house innovations that were swiftly prototyped and launched on the market, an incubator was created in Paris to source and support companies most likely to have an impact on the future of the insurance industry. After a successful launch, leading to strong new ties with several companies, a change of strategy occurred in 2018 following the implementation of a new management in charge of B2B offers and services. From then, the space was dedicated to the hybridisation between large groups and innovative players, and it soon became the gateway to the MAIF B2B ecosystem. We helped the team choose and design the innovation programmes best suited to MAIF’s DNA, the company’s experience in innovation and the current demand from partner companies.

“Stroïka fits in perfectly with MAIF’s values, advocating transparent innovation, with a distinctive look and approach in which it was easy for us to find ourselves.”
—Thomas Ollivier (Head of Development and Partnerships MAIF and CEO MAIF START UP CLUB)

Create a learning community and publish a white paper on excubation to push the place forward.  

Following two workshops on the co-design of the most suitable innovation products for federating and aggregating ecosystems, we decided to explore the excubation strategies of large groups. We therefore organized two invitation-only breakfast meetings with emblematic personalities who are experts on the subject within large companies and conducted some twenty interviews to write a white paper on the subject (to be published next Fall).

What was Stroïka’s original contribution to this project?  

  • Combining an intimate knowledge of the innovation ecosystem with the ability to listen to the [unique] needs of the project team to create a unique positioning.
  • Supporting the project team at all stages of the strategy’s implementation.
  • Immersion in the premises allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the space, the way it works and its related ecosystems.


+ An increase in turnover

+ Internal validation and support of the strategy

+ Recognition of the space within the innovation ecosystem

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