Case study

Five by five.

Promoting a certain idea of innovation.

After five years in business, Five by five was going through a transition period that involved restructuring its commercial offer and a need to clarify its messages to its existing clients, the ecosystem and its prospects. Its director, Chloé Bonnet, called on Stroïka to help her reframe the backbone of the agency’s discourse and disseminate it through the publication of a manifesto.

“Stroika was an indispensable partner during the redesign of our strategic positioning. Original texts that are as clever as they are well-written. Content that unites our employees on a daily basis by clarifying our rationale and makes the difference on the market. I stopped counting the number of business opportunities their work brought us. Go for it!”
— Chloé Bonnet

Get your breath back by clarifying your intent.

Behind every company there is an entrepreneurial history, women and men who started a culture, made strategic choices, proposed a vision. Over time, the day-to-day wear and tear of running of a business and the evolution of customer demands can take us far from that original intention. Five by Five’s management team asked us for a tailored communication training in order to reaffirm their influence and positioning. Through the course of several interviews, we took the time to understand their vision and their approach of the business to translate it into a powerful editorial strategy.

The choice of a tenet (“Let’s put an end to the religion of innovation”) as the basis for an influence strategy.

We accompanied the management team of Five By Five for 3 months: several interviews were conducted to establish the main lines of the narrative and the drafting of a manifesto. We were at their side for the organization and co-hosting of an influencer event.

At the end of the program, Five by Five had reaffirmed its realistic conception of innovation and thus reinforced its perception by the market.

What was Stroika’s specific contribution to this project?

  • The combination of an intimate knowledge of the innovation ecosystem and the management team’s ability to listen to the needs of the company to create a unique positioning.
  • Strategizing the dissemination of the op-eds with a choice of platforms [and media], and the focus on strengthening the impact on Linkedin.


+ 835 interactions on Linkedin around the main post which was built from the manifesto (8000 views)

+ Hiring new employees committed to this message

+ An event that generated new leads




There’s no one-size-fits-all thinking in innovation. Only singular paths and stories.

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