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Imagine an alternative story for the textile industry.

An entrepreneurial project can only take on its full meaning when it is embodied by its leader. Behind the jeans of 1083 there is a founder, Thomas Huriez, a leading figure of circular economy. We assisted him in translating his vision into a founding book, published by Dunod and sold several thousand copies.

How to tell an entrepreneurial venture.

1083 is a brand that has become iconic, a symbol of the revival of the so-called Made in France. 1083 kilometers separate Menton and Brest: the two cities of France with the greatest distance in between.

Seven years ago, Thomas Huriez set himself a rather crazy challenge: to renew and refresh the French textile industry. Today, all of the brand’s products are manufactured within the metropolitan French territory.

Such an epic, well ahead of its time, deserved to be told.

From strategic thinking to delivery of the book

For several months, we have accompanied Thomas through all the stages of his entrepreneurial and strategic thinking. From this exchange was born the idea of telling his story in a book.
As Thomas embarked on the writing of this very personal book, we guided him through the publishing process. Advice, proofreading, introductions with experts, launch… From this collaboration was born a hybrid editorial object, halfway between an innovation handbook and a solidarity advocacy.

What was Stroïka’s specific contribution to this project?

+ Tailor-made editorial advice to shape a distinctive message and tone as well as a solid book architecture

+ Operational efficiency of technical coordination between author, contributors and a publisher

+ An expertise on the diffusion and communication strategy of the book via an editorial road map

« Both convinced of the ability we all have as citizens, consumers and professionals to build a truly sustainable world, Antonin and I decided in July to share the story and lessons of the 1083 venture in a book. Our idea: to demonstrate that when we really want to and when we do not do it alone, transforming our economy locally and sustainably is easier than sending men to the moon. »
Thomas Huriez

Impact in 6 months.

+50 articles published in the press

+ The environment prize received at the Made in France trade show held at Palais de l’Elysée

+ 1.8 million € collected in 35 hours via a crowdfunding campaign in February 2020




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